DM Brass AR


The DECO-LINE DISPLAY product programme includes polychrome surfaces, brilliant mirrors and brushed designs in a wide range of colours. Particularly suitable for display and shop windows.

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DM Anthracite AR, DM Aqua, DM Brass AR, DM Brass brushed matt AR, DM Bronze, DM Brown AR, DM Champagne brushed AR, DM Copper brushed AR, DM Fashion Gold AR, DM Fashion Grey AR, DM Fashion Red AR, DM Gold, DM Gold 30 AR, DM Gold AR, DM Gold MMS, DM Graphite Black matt, DM Hollywood, DM Hollywood Blue, DM Iceblue AR, DM MAGIC Black AR, DM MAGIC White AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Anthracite AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Brass AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Copper AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Fashion Grey AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Gold AR, DM OPTICAL MIRROR Silver AR, DM Red Brown AR, DM Silver, DM Silver / White, DM Silver brushed, DM Silver MMS, DM Snow White matt, DM Titan brushed AR


Non Adhesive, Self Adhesive


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