Infinite variety, fascinating precision

Our stock program is divided into 8 product groups and includes over 150 different designs. These differ not only in their appearance but also offer special features. Discover the different product groups:


Animal welfare is very important to us – which is why all LEATHER-LINE products are vegan. From fine leather grains to special decorative stitching techniques and exotic reptile decorations – the difference to real leather is indistinguishable.


The FABRIC-LINE – sophisticated and contemporary – offers a diverse range of different textiles. The interaction of the haptic texture, structures and colors create a unique multi-sensory experience.


Scratch-resistant high-gloss surfaces combined with unusual designs create the basis for long-lasting design objects. The real glass effect creates a revolutionary depth effect and SIBUGLAS scores points thanks to its material properties with its low weight and a greatly reduced risk of breakage.


With the sustainable and particularly light decorative panels from NATURE-LINE, large wall surfaces can be designed quickly and easily. The FSC®-certified self-adhesive products can be glued to all surfaces without expansion joints.


The MULTISTYLE mirror surfaces in an elegant mosaic look are particularly flexible and can be easily glued over curves. A must in the display and decoration sector.


The DECO-LINE DISPLAY product programme includes polychrome surfaces, brilliant mirrors and brushed designs in a wide range of colours. Particularly suitable for display and shop windows.


Our DECO-LINE DECORATION product range offers a diverse selection of decorative surfaces, ranging from metallic and vintage-inspired designs to vibrant wood textures, as well as elegant ceramic and stone finishes. We present cutting-edge designs alongside timeless classics in an extensive array of colours.


More structure for furniture and walls: harmonious colours and unique designs of our STRUCTURE-LINE make every surface an eye-catcher and unleash threedimensional effects. Whether rattan, ocean or concrete look – these design panels provide a special kind of visual and haptic experience.