We create ambience

With our art of laminating, we unite beauty and function by combining different materials. Always customer-oriented and flexible, we manufacture design elements of outstanding quality and thus ensure unique spatial experiences.

Design & function combined

We anticipate upcoming trends and incorporate them into our product development. We combine these trends with functional properties to meet our customers’ technical as well as visual requirements.

We also manufacture individual, customer-specific designs and have our own mold construction, CNC milling, punching, a large network of suppliers and always strive to create ambience.

L OAK TREE Light Antigrav

High design standard

We simply love to develop and produce beautiful products. Our goal is to beautify the world, so we create over 50 different design panels every year.

Quality made in Austria

Every design sheets is produced with special care from our experienced employees and 100% in Austria. Our products go through strict quality checks in order to guarantee a long-time use of all design panels.

Dedicated team

We are all motivated and keen to assist you quickly and competently. Starting from the product selection, to the support with processing or delivery inquiries

Fast availability

All our products are in stock to guarantee you the fastest possible delivery times. Our processes are optimized to be ready for delivery within a few days, even for customized productions.

Light and time saving

Our products are lightweight and thanks to the big size installed in no time. Processing is done with standard woodworking tools.

Special equipment

All of our products can be equipped with a practical self-adhesive or even magnetic backing to make installation even easier for you.


We especially offer you easy use on the construction site due to different preassemblies such as: cut to size, printed, punched, deformed or already pressed onto MDF/HDF.


Our design sheets meet of course all European standards. You need special norm for your project such as a high fire classification? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.